heel cracks

Heel cracks occur when the skin around the heel becomes hard, dry, and unable to stretch, leading to cracks. In some cases, the cracks are deep and can be painful, causing bleeding. If left untreated, these tears can develop into fissures (deeper cracks). 

The most common causes of cracked heels include dry skin, conditions such as diabetes, dermatitis, psoriasis, and other medical conditions, regularly walking barefoot, inactive sweat glands, and regularly wearing open-backed shoes with no support to hold the fat pad under the foot, or living in a dry climate. Heels bear the weight of your body whenever you’re upright, so when they lack moisture and dry skin builds up, cracked heels can develop. 

Our podiatry management provides callus reduction with a sterilized scalpel to eliminate pain. Experience Angel’s experts in removing painful heel cracks!” I made corrections to verb tenses, punctuation, and added articles where necessary for clarity and grammatical accuracy. 

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