hard skin, callus, corns

Since your feet bear the weight of your body, your choice of footwear can affect this by increasing friction in certain areas of your foot. In response, your body thickens the outer layer of skin, forming tough patches known as calluses. In cases of concentrated pressure, these calluses can become hard corns. Prolonged standing or walking can exert weight-bearing pressure on your feet, leading to the development of calluses or corns. 

Activities like running or participating in team sports can also place excessive strain on specific foot areas, potentially resulting in calluses if proper foot care measures aren’t in place to control friction and maintain moisture. It’s worth noting that calluses are a particular concern for individuals with diabetes. 

Those with neuropathy may not detect the formation of calluses on their feet or experience any pain when these calluses develop into diabetic foot ulcers. Our podiatrists will perform the meticulous removal of the tough skin and central core. your podiatrist will engage in a thorough discussion regarding the significance of appropriate footwear, emphasizing its role in reducing excessive weight-bearing forces on the foot for sustained relief. Additionally, soft padding, strapping, or custom orthotics to ease foot pressure can help prevent future issues proactively.